Cheney laid a threat on the American public, by saying that if the public didn’t vote for Bush/Cheney, then we would be inviting a terrorist attack. Of course conservative blowhard Rush is crying that Liberals “don’t get it”. Rush calls Cheney’s comments “hardball”, then goes on to try and say Clinton didn’t do anything having to do with terrorism. Really? Rush, haven’t you heard about the Millenium Terror Plot? Or are you just lying again? Liberal Patriots Last to Get It
September 8, 2004

Listen to Rush
(…explain why liberals are, once again, the last to realize we have to fight evil)


RUSH: Patrick in Burton, Michigan. Let’s go to the phones and find out what’s out there. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, first-time piano player dittos from Michigan, Rush.

RUSH: Thanks, sir. Nice to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hey, just get right to it. You know, the flap about Cheney. (story) I just wanted to get your take. It’s not like I think he’s an idiot. I’m a Republican, by the way, but I just wondered if you think there’s a point to what he said, even though the media totally twisted his words. What he said, was it unnecessary? Because we were winning anyway, and a lot of people I think were starting to figure that out on their own.

RUSH: Maybe so. But, you know, I’m struck, and I appreciate your view. I’m open-minded, tolerant and compassionate, all those things and I appreciate your view. But at the same time, I’m struck by how many people on our side have been waiting for something like this. “Hey, let’s play a little hardball here!” and this definitely is hardball. I will not disagree with you on that. But just because you’re winning doesn’t mean you sit on the lead. You know, we’re coming out of a great convention. Kerry is on the ropes. It’s about time to square with the American people what we face, and I think with Madeleine Albright coming out and reacting the way she did, “Why, this is the most outrageous thing she’s ever heard,” blah, blah, blah, blah. She’s Exhibit #1, folks. You know, get on my case if you want to for piling on here. She is Exhibit #1. The Clinton administration did diddly-squat. I mean, how many terrorist attacks were there? We cut and run from Mogadishu, (Al-Qaeda-run operation immortalized in the movie) Black Hawk Down. We refused to take bin Laden when he was offered to us three times by the Sudanese. I mean, what more evidence do we need?
They didn’t take terrorism seriously. Talk to Dick Morris. He was part of the White House staff then. They weren’t interested in it at all. Only toward the end of Clinton’s second term did they start talking about it. You can go back and you can find, for example, Clinton probably more hawkish on Saddam than Bush has been, or at least equally so — which I find still interesting that the Democrats want to ignore this and pretend that it never happened, but in doing that, in ignoring it and pretending that Clinton never did that, they’re admitting that they never took terrorism, Saddam, or any of these other world threats seriously.

You look at what’s happening in Russia. You look at what happened. You look at these pictures and you find out this is a worldwide problem. With Vladimir Putin, you’ve got these people in Russia. Let me tell you something, folks — and I made reference to this yesterday — these people in Russia are sending a message to the world. They’re not going to put up with this. They’re demanding that their leadership do something about this, and so Putin has responded, and he said: We’re gonna go search these people out, seek ’em out wherever they are and we’re going to take preemptive action on their bases. We’re not going to wait for them to hit us again. Screw this!

Now, this from one of the guys that was arming Saddam Hussein along with the French and along with the Germans. That’s big news today, too. We have learned that Bill Gertz has a blockbuster book coming out, and I’ve got a little blurb from it here I’ll get to in the course of the program today, a blockbuster book in which he has learned that our quote, unquote, “allies,” the best friends of John Kerry, the people in the nations John Kerry says he can get on our side if elected president were actually arming Iraq before and during this current war, with missiles, missile parts, engines, a number of things, fuel, because they were on the take! It’s all part of the oil-for-food program (news) and the bribe program that Saddam had. These are our allies. Russia, was part of the whole scheme. If you go look at it people, the nations that opposed us at the Security Council — France, Germany and Russia — we now know why, and we knew it then. We knew there was something going on. We knew that France had under-the-table deals.

We knew that Germans probably did, too. The Russians? We knew the Russians were holding out for some money from us because they had some contracts with Iraq that they felt would be interrupted. But despite all that you take what is happening around the world, and you look at the liberal Democrat reaction today and to and to try to pretend it’s not happening? Every time John Kerry says (sing-song voice impression), “I don’t waaant to talk about this. Let’s taaalk about health caaaaaaare, and let’s talk about Social Security.” He wants you to forget about the war on terror. They want you to think it doesn’t exist. They want you to think it’s not serious. They want you to think Bush has caused it by his provocative “swagger.” They are unwilling to accept the reality and the reason is, is because they know they’re unprepared to deal with it in a powerful or projection-of-power sense. So what Cheney said, to me, may be hardball and it may have smacked you upside the head, but it’s right — and Madeleine Albright is just one of many exhibits that illustrates the whole thing. Kathy in Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome to the program.

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