I try and keep the language pretty clean, but this article just doesn’t deserve anything clean.

Bush and his “compassionate, Christian” groupies should be ashamed of himself. Bush was at a campaign rally — what he does when he’s not on vacation — when he heard about Clinton’s heart surgery, and mentioned it to the crowd he was speaking to. Upon hearing the news, the crowd started booing, and Bush just stood there, smiling and not doing anything about it.

Where’s the compassion? Anyone that said one damn ill word about “Saint Reagan” was chewed up one side and down the other. Bastards….Audience boos as Bush offers best wishes for Clinton’s recovery
Friday September 03, 2004

WEST ALLIS, Wis. (AP) President Bush on Friday wished Bill Clinton “best wishes for a swift and speedy recovery.”

“He’s is in our thoughts and prayers,” Bush said at a campaign rally.

Bush’s audience of thousands in West Allis, Wis., booed. Bush did nothing to stop them.

Bush offered his wishes while campaigning one day after accepting the presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in New York. Clinton was hospitalized in New York after complaining of mild chest pain and shortness of breath.

Bush recently praised Clinton when the former president went to the White House for the unveiling of his official portrait. He lauded Clinton for his knowledge, compassion and “the forward-looking spirit that Americans like in a president.”

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