The challenge has been extended. And again. And again.

The Democratic party and the Kerry Campaign both have challenged Bush to a series of debates, beginning immediately (click for story). If the two nominees have been named (in delegates committed so far), then the outcome is pretty well known, and we won’t have a surprise come convention time. So why not start the campaign rolling now?

Politicians love their media coverage. And since George Bush has been given a sweetheart deal (read: no touch questions, and if it is tough and he doesn’t answer it, don’t ask it again) by the media, why not? What’s the problem with letting the American people know EXACTLY what you’ve done and what you’re fighting for?

Problem is, no right minded American will vote for someone who’s for higher greenhouse gases, who’s ignored global warming, who’s allowed increases in the amount of arsenic in our drinking water, and who has the oil companies in his back pocket. And if they did, they should have their head examined.Florida Democrats join call for Bush/Kerry debates now

Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Democratic Party on Monday joined the call for President Bush to begin debating Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry now.

State party Chairman Scott Maddox said if Bush can put out attack ads, he should be in a position to debate.

“They like to portray George W. Bush as the Texas sheriff. He’s walking tall and he’s talking tough,” Maddox said. “If he’s really tough then he’ll come here and debate. I guess if I say he’s a lily-livered chicken if he doesn’t, maybe that will have an effect.”

The Kerry campaign has repeatedly challenged Bush to immediately begin a series of debates in six states, including Florida.

The Bush campaign dismissed Maddox’s latest challenge, issued at a news conference.

“In order to call a news conference, doesn’t there have to be news?” said campaign spokesman Reed Dickens. “This repeated call for debates before Sen. Kerry has finished debating himself is getting a little absurd.”

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