Can I say what a STUPID IDIOT conservatives can be?!?!?!

A straight-white heterosexual male conservative Indiana republican Brian Bosma was chastizing the Democratic majority of Indiana. The debate was about gay marriage. What did he have to say?

“One of the fundamental rights we have in this nation is for the minority to speak.” (click for story)

Um, Representative Bosma? Did you forget that you are talking about gays and lesbians and their desire to be heard, demanding equal rights for marriage?!?!?!

Stupid moron.Republican lawmakers have their say on gay marriage
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Kevin Rader/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis, March 1 – House Republicans conducted business for over five hours Monday. But when acting Speaker Chet Dobis wanted to adjourn by voice vote Republicans demanded a role call vote.

“We are adjourned. Pursuant to article four,” said the acting speaker.

With that, most of the Democratic majority went home, but not all. Some stayed and listened as House Republicans finally presented their case on the floor of the House to an empty chamber.

“One of the fundamental rights we have in this nation is for the minority to speak,” said Republican Brian Bosma.

House Republicans argue Indiana’s state statute on marriage is under attack in the courts, so a constitutional amendment is needed.

“Those who do not want to bring this before the House are in favor themselves of same sex marriage. If they do not, then have the courage to demand the majority of this body be heard,” said Representative Jim Buck.

Democrats argue the majority is being heard.

“I’ve been here 34 years. It’s been that way every session for the last 33 and it’s happening again,” said Democrat Representative Chet Dobis.

House Republicans believe they are in the majority on the definition of marriage issue, but they are in the minority in the House, and that’s making it tough to be heard.

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