Conservatives, as a rule, really disturb me. People should understand what motivates them, and understand how they are undermining our Nation and our Constitution. That’s why I pulled the following paragraph from this article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, about the Conservative teen who spoke at the conservative Eagle Forum:

Schlafly said there is a general “dumbing down” of coursework, even in the Ivy League, and she rattled off a list of complaints about specific schools she attributed to cultural diversity, sexual permissiveness and lack of religion.

So Schlafly is blaming the ills of education on these three things? Cultural Diversity? What do you want, Phylis, a white, Aryan society? Don’t educate the black, latino, and all of the other people who aren’t white enough for you? Sexual Permissiveness? If parents would take some time and spend with their kids and talk about the tough things, and if people like Schlafly didn’t fight against sex education, birth control, and against having free condoms in high schools, wouldn’t that help? Lack of religion? Phyllis — Would you please take some time to read the First Amendment of the United States Constitution? There’s a part in there about freedom of religion. That includes freedom FROM religion. Either you support EVERY SINGLE religion being taught and supported in public schools, or you support NONE. Forcing ever single student to have only Western style religion in their classrooms is a simple violation of Church and State.

She just doesn’t get it, and neither do many of the others who cry for religion in the chools.

By walterh

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