Oh jeez…. I’m sorry, but is there any time when a Conservative tells the truth, or sees past the crap that they are fed by their “idols”? Bob Parks wrote, in this article, when someone told him what the truth about Rush Limbaugh, ” To call Rush a hypocrite because he’s admitted to abusing painkillers for back pain is a bit of a stretch, that is unless you hate Limbaugh in the first place. Trying to disguise hate and turn it into an intellectual debate is insulting.” HELLO!!! Rush is trying to hide the fact that A) by calling them “painkillers” he’s hiding that they were illegally obtained drugs. That’s making it sound like he had a prescription for these drugs, which he didn’t. And B) disguising the use for “back pain”, making it sound like Rush was using these illegal drugs to aid in pain, which he wasn’t. Rush admitted that he was addicted to these illegally obtained drugs. At the point at which he became addicted, he was no longer using them for pain. He was using them for recreation.

Sorry – as someone who has worked in a hospital pharmacy, and has the utmost respect for controlled substances, I have more respect for someone who uses marijuana than someone who abuses a Scheduled II narcotic. Rush and his supporters are trying to legitimize his illegal drug use. Sorry – not gonna happen.

By walterh

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