Trump has done quite a bit to say that his ties to Russia are “nothing”, and has even gone so far to praise Russian President Putin.  The level of disturbing that Trump is okay with is truly maddening.

That’s what makes what’s going on over in Chechnya even more disturbing.  Gay men and lesbians are being rounded up and sent to concentration camps in an effort to get rid of GLBT people in Chechnya.  Their leader, President Kadyrov has promised to get rid of all gay people before the Muslim holy month Ramadan begins.  The United States has pressured Russia to do something about it, because Chechnya is a Russian-aligned state, and they very much have pull there.  But Putin’s Russia said there is no evidence that anything bad is going on.

Trump could do more, but he assuredly won’t.  The only person doing anything good in the name of the United States is UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.  She continues to push, and – dare I say – sounds more presidential than the Orange one does.  She’s doing respectful work, and not trying to get rich off of their office like CHEETUS is doing.

Let’s just hope she can do some good.  Four people have already been killed, and with hundreds rounded up, the situation could get very, very much worse before it gets better.

By walterh

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