I admit I didn’t watch the entirety of ABC’s This Week Sunday show with Mary Matalin, just a clip. All I needed was her little excerpt, and that was enough to get me riled up. What was it that she said? This:

“All of my gay friends think he looks so buff in his shirtless publicity photos.”

What made it worse was the fact that everyone around the table seemed to have laughed, and not a soul really called her on it. That is not only bullcrap, but is massively offensive as well.

Why do I say offensive? Because Matalin basically just reduced every single gay person as only being concerned with a person’s physical appearance, and nothing else. And the fact that she wasn’t corrected was even more offensive.

If I, as a gay man, started saying, “Maybe Mary Matalin needs to worry about staying home and pleasing her man,” or “Mary Matalin needs to go home and make a nice brunch for her husband,” or even, “Mary Matalin is a woman, and therefore, she shouldn’t even be listened to – Colossians 3:18,” then I would be absolutely vilified by the people on that panel. That would be so enragingly offensive, that I would never hear the end of it.

But somehow it’s okay for Matalin to reduce the entire gay community to just a sex-crazed, shallow group that cares about nothing but themselves and physical appearance.

Well screw that.

By walterh

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