Here’s a good roundup of the three good pieces of news for marriage equality.

First of all, Washington United for Marriage, the group that’s fighting to keep marriage equality on the books, raised more than seven times as much as the anti-gay pro-discrimination group Preserve Marriage Washington.  In June 2012, they raised $952,000 while the pro-discrimination group raised just $135,000.  Way to go, Washington United for Marriage!

Secondly, in Maine, where it’s also going to the ballot, a recent poll has marriage equality beating out discrimination by 57% to 35%, with 8% marked as “undecided”.

Finally, Maryland, which like Washington State, passed a marriage equality law that was immediately challenged.  The Maryland Board of Elections just certified the signatures, saying that there would be a ballot measure to let the voters decide on the outcome.  Like in Maine, a large majority – 57% to 37% – say they would like to keep marriage equality on the books.

This is all good.  But the fact remains, the public has no right to vote on people’s civil rights.

By walterh

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