Oh this is just disgusting…

We all know taxes are a necessary thing; if you want the ability to call the police, call the fire department, drive on a road, or do just about anything else in our society, you have to pay your share of taxes.  I agree with Joe Biden from the 2008 campaign trail – paying your fair share of taxes is patriotic (for which Sarah Palin made fun of him).

But that’s not what Linsey Graham, the Republican Senator from South Carolina thinks.  He thinks it’s patriotic to NOT pay your fair share.  His quote?

It’s really American to avoid paying taxes, legally.”

Seriously, Senator Graham?  You’re disgusting.  You think it’s patriotic to short people like firemen, policemen, and teachers?  Patriotic to not help pave the roads that you drive, and not monitor the airspace that you fly in?

You know what I’d like to see?  A bunch of policemen, firemen, air traffic controllers, teachers, and all sorts of people line up to meet Senator Graham, and tell him to his face how hateful and disgusting his belief is.

By walterh

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