And by typical, I mean the recent story about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He vetoed – twice – bills that would allow marriage equality within the State of California.  But at the same time?  He fathered a child – out of wedlock.

Why do I say typical?  Because it is.  Republicans – be them Schwarzenegger or Gingrich – will rail against the GLBT community, denying them civil rights.  But they’ll flaunt their own marriage in the face of “traditional values”.  Gingrich doing it by having an affair (or three) and serving his wife divorce papers while she’s in the hospital for Cancer, or Schwarzenegger fathering a child out of wedlock.

But these idiots are the darlings of the Republican party.  All Gingrich has to do is say that “God forgave him” and he’s back to being in people’s good graces.  Moron.

By walterh

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