It is absolutely no lie that unions are what built the backbone of this nation. Happy to have child labor laws? Paid time off? Workers rights to safe working conditions? Thank a union. And the airlines are actually a largely unionized group, with mechanics, flight attendants, pilots, and the like.  Unions are good for the common man, which doesn’t make it surprising that corporate greed is at the heart of airlines pushing for anti-union rules.  After all, they are for-profit corporations that think more of corporate profits than customers or their workers.

It would not be so bad if Airlines didn’t rely on the government so much.  Subsidized tickets for rural travel?  Free money from the government.  9/11 occurred, and the airlines went to the government for bailouts.  Most pilots trained in the Air Force.  You know.

So next time you airlines want to bad mouth unions, think again.  If you want the public to keep traveling, they have to have good, well paying jobs.  Union jobs.

NOTE: A really good list of government subsidies and protection programs that the Airlines enjoy can be found here.

By walterh

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