Wow, it didn’t take time for the other shoe to drop.  Not six hours after my first post on why the LGBT community may have a reason to worry comes a new reason to wonder what the LGBT community has coming to them from the Obama White House.  This one is more subtle than a threat.

Obama, Gov. Tim Kaine, and the DNC put together a 2010 Strategy video for 2010, and lists the groups that they are counting on for help and support to get through the 2010 elections – hoping that they are not like the 1994 mid-term elections.  That’s all fine and good.  Except that the LGBT community is NOT on the list.

This is a pretty bold move on the part of Obama, Kaine, and the DNC.  The LGBT block is both affluent and loyal.  By leaving them out, Obama is saying he doesn’t want the support nor assistance.  Yes, he is basically acknowledging that he has thrown them under the bus, and is not going to work on extracting them.

So President Obama, if you want it that way, fine.  Interesting, but stupid, strategy.

Here is the video for anyone interested in watching.

By walterh

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