This weekend, as I was working in my yard and came upon an idea.  And low and behold, it came into being.  What was it?

You see, I was thinking that those that support the civil rights of GLBT Americans need to get those haters that fight against gay marriage to come out against marriages performed by the Justice of the Peace, or by City Hall.  Yes, the “civil” part of “civil marriage”.  Pretty damn good idea, if I say so myself.

Well cut to tonight, as I’m about to do some blogging on the subject, when I come across this great link on AmericaBlog’s new gay blog.  Seems that indeed, there is a group of men that truly believe IF a man and a woman go to City Hall and get married, they are basically doing nothing more than “shacking up”, and their marriage is not a true one.  While the man in the video says that’s not what the issue is he and his organization (which is male only, because they don’t bring the women along since the language used by people might be “dirty”) were dealing with right then, it IS an issue that they support.

So there, mister and misses heterosexual married couple that got married in front of a Justice of the Peace or by a clerk at City Hall.  YOUR marriage is not good enough.  And when this group continues to help ban gay marriage, they’ll come after yours!

By walterh

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