So I’m on assignment in a little town outside of Bakersfield, California.  While here, if I don’t get a rental car with satellite radio, I listen to a local AM station so I can get some basic news, weather, and traffic.  The morning guy on a local Bakersfield station was going OFF two weeks ago when the AIG bonuses were being paid.  I mean he went NUTS about our taxpayer dollars paying for $165,000,000 in “bonuses” for the AIG workers who agreed to work for a salary of $1 plus a bonus at the end of the year (visit this link to see how I feel about the matter).

So this morning I’m driving in, and listening to the same station, same guy.  He was going OFF about the “death of NASCAR” and how horrible the Obama Administration was to put limits on GM and Chrysler from sponsoring NASCAR events.  He didn’t care how much it cost (which he later said was $250,000,000 or 166% more than the AIG bonuses), he thought it was unfair.  How dare Obama put such limits into play.  It would be the death knell of GM and Chrysler, not to mention “NASCAR as we know it”.

Turns out the whole story about NASCAR was an April Fools joke.  But still, it really shows how hypocritical people can be.  As long as it’s “somebody else”, people can screw off.  But as soon as it affects them, how DARE Obama for intruding on their pasttime!  It’s the moral equivalent of “not in my back yard”.  Sure, it can affect “those people”, but as soon as it affects you, watch out!

After the guy spewed for a while, there was a Sean Hannity commercial, so I turned the station off for good.  Now I have to see about getting a satellite radio every week somehow!

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