I heard some of the most infuriating words of the election, headed by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty a bit ago on the XM Satellite radio POTUS ’08 channel.  Luckily, I found another interview of the same…

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty did an interview with FOX News (imagine that!) where he was trying to downplay what Obama has done as a Senator.  His quote, that really got me, was:

Well, who’s in favor of loose nukes, Sean? I mean how big of a risk.

You’re right, Governor.  That’s a no-brainer, right?  Okay – so let’s investigate that bill.  So a little search finds that was bill S.2566, then passed into H.6060.  No brainer?  Oh wait – what is this.  It’s the list of co-sponsors.  I found that with this link.  Hmmm… That list of cosponsors is not that long.  Oh, and it doesn’t list John McCain.  Imagine that.

So “loose nukes legislation may be a no-brainer”, Governor Pawlenty, but if John McCain did not think enough of this bill to cosponsor it, where is the logic in that?

Now if I can just find the link with the roll-call vote, to see how McCain voted… UPDATE: Found the vote, but I believe McCain did not even show up to vote – now trying to find his schedule for December 2006.

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