Okay – so Roseanne hasn’t been much since her television show went off the air.  She’s filled in on Air America and done some shows, but really there’s not much going on for her.  Well she’s making heads turn now!

American’s starry-eyed fascination with the celebutards is both infuriating and fascinating.  I mean does a 15 minute discussion of Brittany and her latest accident or the dating life of a married baseball player do anything to get more people healthcare or better this world?  Hell no.  McCain tried to tie into this with his “Obama is no more than Paris or Brittany”, which all that did was help Obama and – of all people – Paris.  Hell, she had a coherant energy policy that was a hell of a lot better than McCain’s!

Then there’s the multi-celebutard family of the Pitt-Jolie group.  Remember when Brad said that he and Angie wouldn’t get married until everyone (meaning gay people) could get married?  Yeah, that was a statement that would make them look like they are taking a pricipaled stand.  But now they’re saying that they’re “open” to supporting either Obama or McCain?  Let’s see – at least Obama supports civil unions.  Wait – didn’t McCain support gay marriage?  Actually he did – until it was not politically expediant for him to do.  To hear him talk this week, you would think that gays were the end of the world or something.

So this is where Roseanne comes in.  She’s saying what everyone else is actually thinking; that Jolie’s father, John Voight is subtly racist and afraid of Obama, and that Jolie is stupid for not understanding that it is because of McCain’s party that one of her own adopted kids was endangered as a child.  If she and her vacuous husband can’t understand that, then they deserve one another!

By walterh

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