Sweet merciful crap, the GOP and their Holy Trinity of Addictions (money, power, and corruption) roll on, picking up speed like a filth-encrusted snowball down an avalanche… the AP reports that the FBI has begun investigating allegations that the 10-term GOP Congressman used his power and influence to secure lobbying and consulting contracts for a company operated by his daughter and a longtime-GOP ally. The story (that you can here in its full glory.) states that:
“…two people familiar with the investigation confirmed that federal agents were examining Weldon’s work between 2002 and 2004 to help two Russian companies and two Serbian brothers connected to former Yugoslav President (and genocidal sociopath–auth) Slobodan Milosevic. They (the two Russian companies) had hired Solutions North America Inc., a company operated by Karen Weldon and Charles Sexton, a Republican ally of the congressman.

If I were a member of the GOP– and I’m not, btw– I’d have long ago lost my Good-Ole-Country-Club-Boy cool and banded together with other like-minded members to purge my party of these greed-addled, blasphemous liars. Where is the ‘Christian’ Rights’ outrage at the blatantly anti-New Testament actions of these flawlessly-coiffed-and-professionally-made-up CloneBot serpents? Where are the righteously-enraged Fiscal Conservatives who used to form the dogmatically-pure core of the GOP?

As their only response, the Regressivist CloneBot Apocalyptophiliacs of the right wing will desperately regurgitate today’s AP report that 8-term Democratic Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson lost his state Party’s endorsement today. Cool, let them do their thing. Because we–Liberals and Progressives, Atheist, Christian, Scientific Humanist, or Wiccan– are against corruption, bribery, and money-laundering, ESPECIALLY when it comes from within our own ranks. We don’t dance in Fascist lock-step to any Central Committees’ latest focus-group-written hit single. Liberals and Progressives want Justice. Social, political, and economic justice. And if people who accept the honor of running as Democrats fail to work for these ideals and violate the public trust, they don’t deserve to be called members of the Democratic Party. That isn’t a trendy hit single, it’s pure Classic Freedom Rock, baby.
The GOP, on the other hand– and what an arthritic, palsied yet buttery soft hand it is– rely on illegal gifts, favors, and three-card-monty-style-hide-the-money tactics as their voter-Mandated Standard Operating Proceedure.

As if the moral bankruptcy best, and repeatedly re-defined by Bush, Cheyney, Rummy, Rice, Tom DeLay, Jack Abrahmoff, Ralph Reed, Katherine Harris, and Bob Ney weren’t enough to make us want to vote for grown-ups this November, we now have the FBI’s limited resources further taxed by having to work to protect the American People from the corruption of Rep. Weldon, another shining history-textbook comma defining the GOP’s style of governance. The only thing progressive about them is their putrescence.

By Black

36-yo, married a year(though we've been together for 14 YEARS NOW!!). Used to be a record producer and glass-blower, but Parkinson's Disease has put an end to those pursuits. Ah, but since diagnosis in 2004, I've been painting a great deal. Acrylics, kinda post-impressionist. I plan to post examples soon. I am a member of the Democratic party in America, Sinn Féin in Ireland. I have gained great peace through studying the words of Jesus Christ and the Buddha. The 'religious right' is neither-- Fundamentalism in any religious framework ignores the reality of abstract reasoning and the God-given RIGHT of free thought--INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO BE AN ATHEIST OR AGNOSTIC. If fundamentalist Christians were actually serious about following Christ's teachings, Bush et al would be in prison for life without parole-- because as a Christian I do not support the death penalty.

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