Hi and welcome to Proud Liberal. As stated below, the Proud Lib who started this site has returned to University to finish filling his head with high-octane, sustainable, and non-polluting knowledge. I’m very happy to have this opportunity to add to the global stew that is the internet.I’m likely to post a full bio at some point, but until then I’ll just offer the (not so)quick-and-dirty version.

I’m 36, married, come from Irish/Scottish peeps, spent many years producing records in Seattle and Ireland, worked for a few years as a low-level assistant glass-blower to artist Dale Chihuly, study the Irish Language (Gaeilge for those keeping score), and oh yeah I can’t work a ‘regular’ job due to Parkinson’s Disease (noted as PD from here on).

If I had to put myself in a wee descriptive box, I’d set up shop with the Christian Socialists or Buddhist Democrats. I eat meat, use tobacco, drink a bit, shoot guns at inanimate objects, believe in a Supreme Being that loves every human equally, and give what time and money I can to causes I believe in.

I don’t find the teachings of the Buddha and the Christ to be incompatible, and have learned much from both. OF COURSE much of what I do in my daily life is probably in direct contradiction to elements of both Buddhism and Christianity, because we are all imperfect beings eternally striving towards some goal.

I see that much of the progress towards Social Justice and equal rights and protections for all Americans is made through the labor, compassion, and commitment of Atheists, Agnostics, and unafilliated ‘spiritual’ people. This is the beauty of America!– I can’t force my beliefs on anyone and v/v.

I think that the ONLY worthy goal in life is to help alleviate the suffering of our 6+ billion brothers and sisters, if only in increments. I deeply believe–dare I say, know–that none of us can live lives without blemish. I’m not talking about ‘imperfect’ by any scale or judgement other than each persons’ own.

I cannot conceive why any self-proclaimed ‘Person of Faith’ in America would be opposed to the firm, full, and eternal separation of church and state. Sure, the post-modern Pharisees of the ‘Religious Right’ have the right to publicly expound on whatever subjects they choose, but they DO NOT have the right to bully their congregations or the rest of us into hacking away at the protections that our Constitutional affords us.

I believe the current regime we Americans (and by extension, the whole world) struggle under to be the foulest, most corrupt, compassionless group of wounded children to ever subvert the founding principles of our country– and in my own way I pray for their awakening.

I will probably write about subjects dear to my heart and within my window of experience, such as it is:

–The current regime and their pattern of lies, abuse of power, misuse and misappropriation of resources, doublespeak, triplespeak, and bullshitspeak;

–The importance of confronting the damage we have ALL done to our environment, trying to highlight real grass-roots successes and efforts to repair the damage done, and discuss more sustainable options for minimizing the clumsy jackboot-print our consumer-culture will continue to leave upon our planet;

–The challenges of navigating the crooked, uneven path required to attain and survive on Social Security Disability Insurance when illness necesitates it– like in my own case– and the failiure that is American health care. What do you do when an illness requires literally 1/2 of your income? Insurance premiums and prescription drug co-pays sure aren’t getting cheaper; the free-market health care model we all tacitly accept is not sustainable. 40+ million Americans have NO health insurance, therefore clogging emergency rooms out of sheer need when illness or injury strike. A sizeable portion of these 40+ million people have no ability to deal with the costs incurred, so we all pay through higher costs. This is a foul, untenable construct and a shameful reflection on the richest country in the history of the world.
–Simple, reasonable things we can all do to help bear the load of those who need a hand up and a place at the table in our schools, businesses, places of worship, and hospitals.

Ah well, I’m totally out of gas. PD complicates my typing and I feel blessed sleepiness around the corner; my postings will usually take place late at night as I wait for the Melatonin to kick in– and at 4’03 am it finally is. I look forward to many discussions, and I will read all comments with respect.

By Black

36-yo, married a year(though we've been together for 14 YEARS NOW!!). Used to be a record producer and glass-blower, but Parkinson's Disease has put an end to those pursuits. Ah, but since diagnosis in 2004, I've been painting a great deal. Acrylics, kinda post-impressionist. I plan to post examples soon. I am a member of the Democratic party in America, Sinn Féin in Ireland. I have gained great peace through studying the words of Jesus Christ and the Buddha. The 'religious right' is neither-- Fundamentalism in any religious framework ignores the reality of abstract reasoning and the God-given RIGHT of free thought--INCLUDING THE RIGHT TO BE AN ATHEIST OR AGNOSTIC. If fundamentalist Christians were actually serious about following Christ's teachings, Bush et al would be in prison for life without parole-- because as a Christian I do not support the death penalty.

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