So yet another pilot flew over restricted airspace, prompting fighter jets, etc, etc, blah blah blah. The pilot says that they feared they were going to be shot down. They were in the area, didn’t react to the radio communications, and flares were used. At that point, the plane vacated the airspace and landed.

This morning on CNN, anchor Soledad Obrien was doing an interview with an air safety person regarding this incident. Two days in a row I’ve watched this woman, and how horrible she is at interviewing. Or is she just towing the CNN line? In today’s interview, when talking about the flares fired on the plane, she said (I’m paraphrasing, but read the transcript for exact wording), “Well SOME people don’t think that action was enough.”

Let’s see here Soledad. The way it goes is
A) verbal warning and jets scrambled
B) flares fired and another verbal warning
C) the offending plane is shot down

Nice to see that CNN is advocating the shooting down of legitimately lost planes…

By walterh

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