The FBI is coming out with the story saying the grenade thrown towards Bush in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia was live and failed to go off because of a trigger mechanism failure. Of course the Georgian police investigated this and their results were that it was a non-working unit.

Either way, the only thing that is going to be effected coming out of this is Bush’s poll numbers. He’ll hike up a few points for a while. But as soon as the Republicans try and hijack the constitution by ridding the Senate of the filibuster, expect Bush and all Republicans to tank.

And just so it’s clear, true liberals respect the office of the President – just do not respect Bush. Nobody is saying it’s a bad thing that the grenade didn’t get Bush. Though we want Bush out of office an incredible amount, that is NOT the way to do it. Taking back the House in 2006 and then impeachment is the way to go!

By walterh

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