MSNBC put out an article on their website that is a piece of James Dobson of “Focus on Family”, which is a misnamed organization if there ever was one. It should be Focused on Fiction. Dobson says the most important thing for him to do is to help end the filibuster. WHA?

He goes on to say that the judiciary in the US is “a bunch of Ayatollahs”. Don’t you like it when they’re not backed up by fact, they start the name calling? These nuts and their followers think nothing of namecalling. If you don’t believe me how bad this is, check out the article called, “American soldiers go from ‘Gook’ to ‘Raghead'”. Nice, eh?

And no, it’s not the “hate America” or “not supporting the troops” talk. It’s pointing out where we’re going wrong, so that we can fix it.

By walterh

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