Today Air America added two new affiliats, and memorable TV show host Jerry Springer started an independent Liberal talk radio program. No news on affiliates yet, but the market is hungry for Liberal radio. Last year Big Ed Schultz beat Rush Limbaugh’s record of most new stations in a year by 14 (Big Eddie had 70 new stations his first year).

Everything’s coming up Liberal!

Springer begins liberal radio talk show by calling Iraq war immoral

CINCINNATI Don’t expect flying fists or overturned furniture on Jerry Springer’s new radio talk show.
But Springer does promise unabashed liberal views.

The broadcast originates from Cincinnati, where Springer once served as mayor.

Springer, who will continue to host his more raucous T-V show, called the war in Iraq immoral during his first show.

He politely received those who called in to his radio show, in contrast to the conflict-oriented style of his T-V show.

Some see the show as a springboard for the Democrat’s possible return to politics in 2006, although Springer has declined comment on that.

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