In a win for Democracy today, Republicans were not allowed to effectively kill the filibuster. They argued that “debating a bill at 4AM – we’re not at our best”. They’re not doing a good job now, much less at 4AM.

Other proposed rules changes that actually appeared to be good (at least on the surface) failed as well. Budget hearings opened to the public, posting copies of bills on the Internet 72 hours before the vote. Those should be taken up and voted on, and passed.

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Republican members of House lose in effort to impose debate deadline

(Hartford-AP, Jan. 5, 2005 7:07 PM) _ Efforts by Republican House members to impose a midnight deadline on legislative debates fizzled today.

House Democrats shot down the proposed rule change. They say they do not want to limit lawmakers’ ability to debate.

Republican Representative Pamela Sawyer of New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island each have night adjournment rules. She says it makes sense considering lawmakers are not at their best when they’re debating bills at 4 o’clock in the morning.

House Republicans also failed to pass other proposed rules changes, such as opening budget negotiations to the public, requiring public hearings if a bill includes a new tax or a tax increase and posting copies of emergency bills on the Internet 72 hours before a vote.

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