With Kerry and Bush running pretty close together in Florida polls (latest polls are officially 48% Kerry, 47% Bush), and with the Bush victory in 2000 just 500+ votes, you know that every vote counts. That’s why it’s interesting that in Broward County, 58,000 ballots that were mailed out on October 7th and 8th have just disappeared. They’ve supposedly gone out, but the USPS claims otherwise.

58,000 is enough to guarantee a Bush victory. Don’t put it past the RNC!

Article archived here.Local 10 Uncovers Big Ballot Mystery
Elections Office Says Situation Is ‘Odd’

POSTED: 4:10 pm EDT October 26, 2004
UPDATED: 6:14 pm EDT October 26, 2004
BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. — Local 10 has received many phone calls from viewers in Broward County who say they have not received the absentee ballots –- and the news from the elections office doesn’t sound good.

Local 10 has learned that many as many as 58,000 ballots that were supposed to mailed out on Oct. 7 and 8 could be missing.

The Broward County Supervisor of Elections office is saying only that the situation is “unusual,” and they are looking into it.

Gisela Salas, Broward Deputy Elections Supervisor, said, “I hate to say ‘missing’ at this time because that has not yet be substantiated. Some ballots are starting to arrive. But there is an extraordinary delay.”

An elections office representative told Local 10 that the office has investigated with the U.S. Post Office what might have happened to the ballots, but so far, no one has been able to figure it out.

“It is unusual. It’s a puzzle on the part of our office and the postal service,” Salas said. “Our office did make the delivery and the post office assures us they were processed. What happened is in question.”

The postal service told Local 10 late Tuesday that they don’t have 58,000 ballots floating around. They did say that they have several employees assigned to deal only with ballots and they are being delivered in one to two days — once they get them.

How Will You Vote?

As far as the voters go that haven’t received their ballots, the elections office is now suggesting that they take the opportunity to vote early.

Since many who request absentee ballots cannot physically vote in their county, there are likely to be some angry voters.

If you are able to and would like to vote early in Broward County, click here to find a voting location.

Watch Local 10 News for more coverage of this missing ballot controversy.

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