How STUPID do the Republicans think we are?

The headline at radical right news site, “” is screaming MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD when it comes to 400 to 1000 voters who were registered to vote in Florida as well as New York, and voted in both states in the 2000 election.

Indeed, this is wrong. You have one vote; use it wisely. But where are the Republicans screaming about the 94,000 — yes, that is nintey four thousand — people who were removed from the voter rolls, most of which were black, when 92,000 of those 94,000 were removed IMPROPERLY. That is a staggering 97.8% rate of falcse positive! And what about the fact that Florida tried to pull this on blacks yet again this year? What about the aging black volunteers who have been investigated and interrogated by Florida police because of “voter fraud” that has been proven false.

Republicans are the most ignorant, hypocritical set of folks in this nation.

By walterh

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