Don’t believe the lies that Rush and his goons spew, saying that Liberal talk radio can’t be done. It’s being done well on the four plus month old Air America Radio Network quite well!

In Portland, largest city of the swing state of Oregon, Air America’s outlet KPOJ has surged in the ratings, with Limbaugh, Hannity and the like getting squashed! The “big” shows are either first or second in their timeslots, with KPOJ soaring from a 0.2 share to a 6.4 share. Damn good for being a new kid on the block, eh?

That’s just Portland. The ratings in New York City are tremendous, with Al Franken beating O’Reilly in the all important 25 to 54 age bracket (where advertisers throw their dollars). With new stations coming on all the time, if you don’t have an outlet yet, hopefully you will soon!

By walterh

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