On Wednesday, ten Democratic state governors sent a letter to President Bush, asking for a complete and detailed reason why gas prices have risen so dramatically, so fast (click for story). There’s no major reason for it, other than prices were already high when OPEC recently decided to cut production. Of course Bush isn’t going to respond, and the reason is twofold. First, the man and his Administration are heavy in oil. That’s just a known fact. Second, he said that he would deal swiftly and strongly with OPEC before he was elected, and you know he’s a man that doesn’t keep his word. Hello! No child left behind? ’nuff said.

There was a story that said for ever ten cents rise in the cost of gas, that’s another $10 BILLION in profits for the oil companies (click for link). Why are we standing for this?Posted on Wed, Apr. 07, 2004

Democratic governors send letter to Bush asking for gas price explanation

Associated Press

PHOENIX – Ten Democratic governors, including Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and Missouri Gov. Bob Holden, sent a letter Wednesday to President Bush asking federal authorities to investigate the cause of the recent spike in gasoline prices.

“This is a significant national concern, and it deserves more than the traditional Washington political response of pointing fingers,” the letter said.

The letter asked for a complete explanation of why prices have risen so significantly in the last several weeks.

In addition to Sebelius and Holden, letter was signed by Govs. Janet Napolitano of Arizona, Ruth Ann Minner of Delaware, Joseph Kernan of Indiana, Thomas Vilsack of Iowa, Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Bill Richardson of New Mexico, Gary Locke of Washington and Jim Doyle of Wisconsin.

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