It seems like the gerrymandering that took place in Texas is bringing out all sorts of people. Luckily, it’s bringing out people who care about this Nation and want to move forward, instead being led back into the dark ages by the Republicans. University of Texas Math Professor Lorenzo Sadun watched the two Republicans in the race describe themselves as ultra right winged, and even further right winged, and decided to stand up for himself and all like minded people. He’s beginning a write-in campaign for the Texas 10th District seat (click for story). People being inspired to stand up against Republican stupidity. That’s what Bush and his cronies have brought to the table! Democrat ‘crashing’ GOP party–UT professor plans write-in campaign for U.S. House seat
By ARTHUR HAHN/Managing Editor Wednesday, April 7, 2004 2:08 PM CDT

There could be a Democratic-Republican race for the U.S. House District 10 seat after all.

A University of Texas math professor has launched a petition drive to get on November’s ballot as a Democratic write-in candidate for the seat.

Lorenzo Sadun – who has not run before for any public office – said today he expects to easily get the 500 signatures necessary to get on the ballot.

“I’ve already got 300 signatures,” Sadun said. “And we’ve already had some 70 people sign up on a Web page to help out.”

Democrats did not have a candidate in the primary and Republicans Ben Streusand and Michael McCaul are locked in a runoff for their party’s nomination.

Sadun said he perceives a growing dissatisfaction in the district with both Streusand and McCaul.

“If you’d asked me a month ago (whether he felt any Democrat had a chance to win the District 10 seat), I would have said no,” he said. “This district was gerrymandered, and the people who drew the lines knew what they were doing.

“On the other hand, the more I see the way Streusand and McCaul have been campaigning, they’re describing themselves as farther right than the farthest right.

“I want somebody who’s willing to listen to what I have to say and take my views to Washington.”

Sadun, however, said he is under no illusions regarding the race.

“It’s not easy. Let’s face it – a gerrymandered district is hard, a write-in (campaign) is hard,” he said. “In an ordinary year against an ordinary Republican, it would be impossible to win.

“It takes money to state the case that your opponent is not fit for the office, and the way I look at it, Streusand and McCaul have spent $3 million making a very effective case that neither is fit to be a congressman.”

Sadun, 43, said he decided to try and get on the ballot because he felt voters were not being given a choice.

“I basically realized that there wasn’t going to be a choice in November. As a voter, I was offended that there was going to be a congressman who I didn’t even get to vote on,” he said.

Sadun described himself as “a lifelong Democrat” and said he expects his campaign to be “a party effort.”

“We’re not going to stop at 500 (signatures on his petitions),” he said. “They’re expecting a light turnout for the runoff, so we’re going to try and get as many signatures as Streusand and McCaul get votes, combined. Plus one.”

Streusand, the top vote-getter in initial voting, and McCaul, who finished second, survived an eight-candidate field in the GOP primary.

Sadun is planning a formal announcement next Tuesday, the day of runoff voting, going from Houston to Austin. He has scheduled a stop at the Democratic headquarters here, tentatively at 1 p.m.

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