If you knew you were going to run out of money in your checking account, would you continue to write checks? Would you spend money that you don’t have to spend? Of course you wouldn’t. That’s the logic behind a Democratic sponsored piece of legislation that would have made it more difficult to continue the taxcuts to the wealthy and corporations that have been the mantra of the Bush Administration (click for story). But Republicans wouldn’t have any of that.

In a vote of 209 to 209, an ILLEGAL vote because the polling was kept open an additional 23 minutes, Democrats and a few Republicans who seem to have come to their senses on deficit spending, were defeated in keeping a measure alive that would have been beneficial to this Nation. Tom Delay keeps saying that the tax cuts are essential, and this legislation would be a hinder to the President’s agenda.

No, Tom. It’s going to be a burden on our poverty stricken and elderly in the short term because of budget cuts that will have to happen, and to our children in the long run, because somebody has to pay for it.

By walterh

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