Remember Judge Roy Moore, the Alabama Supreme Court Justice who was thrown off the bench because of the insubordination stemming from his refusal to remove the ten commandments from the courthouse rotunda? Well, he’s got supporters, and they’re aiming to be delegates to the Republican National Convention (click for story).

Forget that these people don’t understand the separation of Church and State that is written into the Constitution. Forget that these people won’t acknowledge that George Washington, the first President of the United States point-blank said that our Nation was not founded on Christian laws or beliefs. What these people seriously want is the passage of HR 3799, the so called “Constitution Restoration Act” (click for actual bill). This bill would “put the God back into government”, as it designates God as this Nation’s basis of laws. Judges wouldn’t be able to consider anything but basically “what would Jesus do” when considering cases. Judges could hand out biblical sentences (stonings, etc) without recourse.

What a load of crap. This Nation was founded out of religious persecution. It’s going to fall because of the Radical “christian” right forcing their beliefs on everyone else. So much for all the American Indians, Muslims, Buddhists, and everyone else here in America that isn’t Christian — that’s what they’re saying!

By walterh

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