Political spying led to the downfall of Richard Nixon. What happenned when the Boston Globe exposed the current Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee of spying on the Democrats on the same committee (click for link)? It was glossed over. Hardly a peep in the mainstream media.

For those people who are still stressing the importance and real problem with this story, the Republicans are trying to turn this around. First, it wasn’t criminal that they were spying. Rather, it was criminal what was in the letters that they illegally obtained from the Democrats. Now, they have the audacity to want to start an investigation into the ethics of the Democrats that wrote the memos, because of what was contained in them ( for story).

HAVE THEY ALL GONE MAD?!?!?! I know Republicans can be stupid, but THIS FREAKING STUPID? That’s like going out and beating the hell out of someone, then suing them because you broke your bat over their head as they lay bleeding. God, I hate these people.

By walterh

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