I started reading this article on how the Republican party has lied to America (click for story). I pretty much agree with everything that was said about the Republican party. Many Republicans believe it, too! They’re no longer the party of conservation, that is for sure. But the guy gets it wrong when he talks about Democrats pumping the national debt. Remember the Clinton Administration? Remember going from a deficit to a surplus?

Oh well, at least he got it partly right.Republican Party Has Betrayed America
posted February 22, 2004

There’s something called the “wasted vote.”

Some people say that if you vote for a third party your vote means nothing, because in the end only the big boys are going to win. Well, if the two million people that have told me that this year would get off their butts and do something other then settle for the status quo then we’d have a much better nation and guess what… third parties would make a HUGE difference.

This year, I’m not going to waste my vote, I’m voting Libertarian.

The Republicans have proven that they do not care about the future of America. We currently have a Republican in the White House, we have a Republican controlled Congress (and in 2000 we proved a Republican controlled Supreme Court).

Where is my smaller government? Where is my huge tax cut? Why is the national debt continuing to rise to figures so high that it seems essentially impossible to ever possibly eliminate it? Why, why, why? The Republican Party is NO LONGER the party of smaller government. The Republican Party has betrayed America. The Republican Party is nothing but Socialists with sheep’s skin.

This year, my vote will mean something, I’m voting Libertarian.

If you think electing a Democrat will solve all of our problems, then you’re making the same mistake we made with Bush the First. The Democrats would do nothing but continue to just pump that national debt and keep your taxes higher then they ever should be. At least the Democrats are honest with us though, we know they’re Socialists, they don’t need the sheep’s skin.

We are left with no choice. The Republicans and Democrats have abandoned America. Let’s show them that their hold on power is coming to an end! You want to send a message to Washington, Nashville, City Hall? Stand up and be heard, vote Libertarian.

On March 1st you have a perfect opportunity to come hear more about the Libertarian alternative.
(2/20/2004 – Presidential Candidates Scheduled For Debate On UTC Campus – Student Scene – Chattanoogan.com)

The Libertarian Party of Hamilton County, www.hclp.org, can be contacted at 423-634-2595 or trevor-southerland@utc.edu. All are invited to monthly meetings, the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the Shoney’s in Hixson.

Trevor M. Southerland
Chairman, Libertarian Party of Hamilton County

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