The President declared war today. He cited in his State of the Union address a threat that exists here in this Nation. He said it is something that threatens everyone – no one is safe. He has said that we need to stand together to fight it. He is asking Congress and the States to make sure that they support him when it comes to fighting this threat. He says that people of both parties should back him on this, as they have in the past. Without support, the sanctity of this Nation will be undermined, and threaten our very civilization. Maybe our very existence.

The President declared war on gay marriage.

Now that war has been declared, we will see how it is to be fought. Bush has pledged to put one and a half billion dollars into this fight. And with his faith-based initiatives working on his behalf, he has his soldiers in this war. People like the Reverend Moon, who says that gay people will be purged from this Earth. People like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, who have said that gay people, among others, were the reason God brought the terrorists attacks upon this Nation on September 11th, 2001. And then there are people like Howard Ahmanson, who, like Bush, would like to see this Nation a Theocracy. Ahmanson’s thoughts on the extermination of all homosexuals in the name of religion are sure to make him a Bush foot soldier in this war.

Bush called for this discrimination to be lawful when he declared this war in his State of the Union. Yet it was immediately followed by his request to make it law not to discriminate against people of faith. He has given billions of our tax dollars already, by executive order to religious groups, and he wants to keep it that way. And under no uncertain terms shall these people receiving these billions of our tax dollars to ever be discriminated against, because Bush wants there to be a law preventing it.

In declaring this war, Bush has chosen to alienate millions of Americans, including the six hundred thousand same sex households found throughout our Nation. Those are people like me and my partner of almost twelve years. People like my friends Alison and Dee, who have been together for more years that I can remember. Gay people all across this Nation that we share. All because we are perceived to be a threat to the moral fabric of this Nation.

If it is a war that you want, Mr. Bush, I have some familiar words for you. Bring it on.

By walterh

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