was started to point out what was going right with Liberalism in America, and point out where Liberals were doing good. What happens when Liberals go bad?

Well, I can’t quite say that the people behind this article are Liberals, nor can I even say that they are Democrats or Progressives. All I know is, if we don’t put a unified face on against the Repugnant Republicans, it’ll be another four years under Bush, the miserable failure.

Liberals need to join forces and work together. The convict-Conservatives can do it. And we’re MUCH better than them, or do we really want to put on a non-unified face?NATIONAL DESK December 16, 2003, Tuesday

THE 2004 CAMPAIGN: ADVERTISING; New Democratic Group Finances a Republican-like Attack on Dean

By JIM RUTENBERG (NYT) 634 words
Late Edition – Final , Section A , Page 30 , Column 1

DISPLAYING FIRST 50 OF 634 WORDS – A new Democratic group that is running advertisements against Howard Dean and has not yet disclosed its sources of financing has introduced by far the toughest commercial of the primary election … Though the advertisement, which began running on Friday in South Carolina and New Hampshire, is paid for by…

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