A 57 year old grandmother and Principal, who was chaperoning 37 middle school students was told by TSA, “You’ve committed a felony, and you’re considered a terrorist.” All this because she accidentally left a butter knife in her carry on baggage.

The TSA became judge, jury, and executioner to Cecilia Beaman, coming down on her hard for an accidental issue. What’s worse, they refused to give her any paperwork or documentation regarding the incident. She asked about her rights, and they said she HAS no Constitutional rights.

This is pretty nasty here. But this is the way Bush has taken this country, and we’re only moving that direction.

By walterh

One thought on “Grandmother, Principal, TERRORIST?”
  1. I think its about time something like this happens to a school principal. It is only fitting considering the mindless “zero tolerance” policies in so many schools nowadays, where a student would be suspended or expelled for doing something very similar.

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