After he led a sermon saying, “If you don’t vote for Bush, you should resign or repent”, and then last week declaring his church a politically active church and told people who didn’t like it to get out, Baptist Pastor Chan Chandler resigned his post. He’s divided his church and divided his community.

He has every right to do what he wants and believe what he wants. But he can’t preach politics and keep his no-tax status. (Of course none of the reports I’ve read on this incident bring that fact up). His followers, called “brainwashed” by those who were in the church and not swayed by his politics, respond to his leaving by saying, “I’m not going to serve with the ungodly” or “If it’s in the Bible, I believe it should be preached”.

Where does it say in the bible that voting for a Democrat is ungodly? Where does it say in the bible that you should vote for Bush and not Kerry? These people are just plain ignorant. They are the intellecually bulimic; they just hear something from a talking head and regurgitate it back out, not caring if it makes sense or is truthful at all.

By walterh

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